Wired trees, wired structures

Images, writings, sketches, photography, artistic research: Work in Progress

Through art I explore ways of expressing personal feelings, thoughts, experiences in life, about the places I visited, our connection with and care for nature and ourselves. Exchanging ideas, encounters with the known and unknown create new opportunities for exploration.

I draw, sketch, take pictures, compose natural and found materials, all that helps me putting down ideas that could develop sooner or later in new works or projects.

In the drawings, sketches and graphic work presented here I visually explore connections between structures of the trees in the woods with the nervous system by drawing, sketching and block printing.

Block prints

A few examples in the series: Wired Trees (2016) and Wired-trees-wired-hands (2017). Single and double prints. (30 x 40 cm)

Wired Trees, Wired Structures

Large Pieces, Wired Trees, Wired Structures. 2018 - continues. Pen and Ink, charcoal. Drawing and painting. (70 x 100 cm)

First Works, Wired Structures

Pen and Ink drawings, 2015-2016. (40 x 60 cm) , sketches (19 x 19 cm) and experiments (40 x 60 cm)