What can we learn from sharing personal stories?

How do our experiences affect our lives?


A collaborative artistic practice for exploring questions around self-perception and narrative identity can contribute to a better understanding of ourselves and how we (want to) relate to the world around us. Assembling found and natural materials as metaphors, provoke memories and can open a safe and encouraging space for sharing and exploring the personal and sensitive together.


The material outcomes arise during these research processes and are traces of personal and collective explorations. These outcomes take multiple forms; an art installation, site-specific interventions, sculptures, photography, film, a performance, a story, new research proposals, a poem..


Current project:


En: Visualizing Multiple Sclerosis is about sharing personal experiences of the chronic illness MS:  A photo-exhibition of the project is now on view at the Amsterdam UMC, VUmc, Polyclinic Neurology.


NL: Een verbeelding van Multiple Sclerosis gaat over het delen en onderzoeken van persoonlijke ervaringen van de ziekte Multiple Sclerosis. Een foto-expositie van dit project is tot 6 januari 2020 te zien in het Amsterdam UMC, VUmc, op de Poli neurologie.


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Iris Jousma


Iris Jousma - Artist Educator